Swapna Saagar Nivas - Karde - Dapoli - Mahabaleshwar of Konkan

If you are looking for a laid back holiday away from everything in a rustic miliue with a calm sea for company - Swapna Saagar Nivas is the place that you need to come to. A beautiful endless stretch of clean safe beach away from the maddening crowd lined by coconut palms and suru trees - Thats Karde, Dapoli for you.  Karde is beautiful like a dream with a crystal clear sea, white sand and lush green trees lining the long secluded beach.

Located in Dapoli famed as Mahabaleshwar of Konkan, right on the Karde beach Swapna Saagar Niwas is less than half an hours drive away from the Dapoli town, on the way to the famous Maharshi Karve beach Murud.

On the way to the slightly more crowded Murud beach a little deviation to left takes you to this absolotely pristine stretch of beach, Karde. Built right on the beach Swapna Saagar Niwas has six well furnished spacious rooms with all the amenities to ensure a comfortable stay during your holidays in Dapoli. With ample parking space and open spaces Swapna Saagar Nivas has all the makings of a safe and enjoyable vacation in Dapoli.

Enjoy a dip in the ocean and play in the waves of this safe beach, enjoy pure aqua fun during your holiday in Dapoli at Swapna Saagar Nivas and when hunger strikes walk into the resort for a deliciously home cooked sea food. If you like seafood then you can enjoy fresh sea food freshly caught from the sea. We take special care to provide the best and sumptous food to the visitor.

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Swapna Sagar Nivas
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